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About the Fundamental Cybernetics and Robotics Unit


The Unit of Fundamental Cybernetics and Robotics was established in 1973 by the late Professor Jerzy Jaron, a mathematician, logician and cybernetician, an alumnus of the Jesuit College in Chyrow and the University of Warsaw. From 1987 the Unit is chaired by Professor Krzysztof Tchon. The Unit staff consists of 13 academics, including three with habilitation: Dr Hab. Ignacy Duleba, Dr Hab. Witold Jacak, and Prof. Krzysztof Tchon. Professor Jacak has spent the last several years in Austria, where he is Professor at the University of Linz and is also Rector of the Technical High School of Hagenberg. Other members of the Unit have doctoral degrees granted by the Wroclaw University of Technology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA (Dr Witold Paluszynski), and Twente University, Enschede, Holland (Dr Krzysztof Arent). With the unit there are also 6 PhD students and 6 student-technicians. The technical staff is recruited from the finest students of the Department of Electronics.

The Unit conducts research, teaching, and is involved in organizational activities.

Teaching specialization of Robotics involves more than 100 MSc students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year at the Electronics Faculty. The unit was the organizer of the National Conference of Robotics series (1st Conference 1985, 9th 2006), and the 7th IFAC Syroco Symposium (2003). Member of EURON.

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