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Research activities:

  1. Robot control and motion planning.
  2. Discrete-event control in robotics and automation.
  3. Prosthetics and therapeutic robots.
  4. Robot navigation and scene perception.

Projects in progress:

  1. Endogenous configuration space approach to mobile manipulators.
  2. Lie-algebraic motion planning algorithms.
  3. Hybrid dynamic control of mobile manipulators.
  4. Supervisory control for multiple mobile robot systems.
  5. Myopotential based control of an artificial hand.
  6. Koala - a robot for autism therapy.
  7. Multisensor data fusion for robot localization.

Competences and interests:

  1. Control of linear MIMO systems with uncertainty.
  2. Modeling and control of nonlinear systems.
  3. Geometric control.
  4. Adaptive control.
  5. Rapid control prototyping.
  6. Kinematics, dynamics, and control of manipulation and mobile robots.
  7. Modeling of kinematic singularities.
  8. Inverse kinematic and trajectory tracking problems.
  9. Behavioral, hybrid and distributed control.
  10. Trajectory planning.
  11. Robot cooperation.
  12. Sensor data perception, processing, and fusion.
  13. Robot localization and navigation.
  14. Human-robot interaction and communication.
  15. Simulation and visualization of robotic systems.
  16. Desing and prototyping of controllers, sensor systems, and interfaces.
  17. Software design.
  18. Bio-signal processing.
  19. Prosthetic and therapeutic designs.
  20. Control of automative systems.


  1. Force control stand (photo1).
  2. Nonholonomic systems: Robik (photo1, photo2), RoBall (photo1, photo2).
  3. Multi-sonar system (photo1, photo2).
  4. Navigation in rough terrain (photo1).
  5. Internals of therapeutic robot Koala (photo1).
  6. Hand bio-prosthesis (photo1).
  7. Hybrid localization stand (student project) (photo1, photo2).
  8. Sumo warriors (student projects) (photo1, photo2, photo3).

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